What makes your child super?

WOW certificate picture

This week the children have attended the Superhero Training School. What does your child do at home that makes them super? Don’t forget to fill out your WOW certificate and send it back into school so we can put them on our display.


Supertato to the rescue!!!

I am sure by now you all know about Supertato. He dropped in this week to protect the vegetables from the Evil Pea. We even caught one!

Talk to your child about Supertato. What do they like about him? Do they think he is good?


Supertato Home Learning

Here is your home learning for this week. We hope you enjoy doing it!

Can you draw a picture of Supertato? Can you tell me something about him?

What are his super powers? How does he save his friends? What does he like doing, when he isn’t saving the supermarket from the Evil Pea?


Don’t forget to go to the library and get your membership card!

How many books can you borrow from the library and share with your family this half term?

Write a list of all the titles of the books you have borrowed and read!

Who will have read the most library books by the end of the half term?

Prizes to be awarded before Easter. #superreader

library pic

Cockfield’s Farm Christmas Experience

In the Autumn Term the children from Nursery visited Cockfield’s Farm for the Christmas Experience.  The children looked at some animals and got to hold them, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  Then they listened carefully to a story that was read by Mrs Claus.  After that they made a Christmas craft and then they attended Elf School where they learnt how to be an Elf.  Next they had to knock on a door and see who was in the room.  The children were extremely excited to see Father Christmas and he gave them all a very special gold coin that they could go and spend in his toy workshop.

This was a very fun and exciting day that was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


This term we are trying to answer the question “How do we know it is Winter?”

What can you see that tells you it is Winter? Why not go on a Winter walk with your child. Look at Winter pictures and remember to discuss the Elklan words with your child. Wrap up warm and enjoy!