P.B. Bear’s Birthday

We’ve had lots of fun over the past few weeks getting ready for P.B. Bear’s birthday.  In the playdough we made his stripey pyjamas using blue playdough and we also traced his pyjamas in the writing area.  The children made him a present and they could either make a boat, a car or a doll.  They also made a birthday hat and they had to put four birthday bear’s on their hat as P.B. Bear was 4 years old.  For the party the children had to come in their pyjamas as P.B. Bear wore his blue and white striped pyjamas; they also brought in a teddy to help P.B. Bear celebrate.  We played some party games and we passed P.B. Bear’s shoe round for pass the parcel; the winners won a big teddy bear.  We sang happy birthday to P.B. Bear and then we had some party food.  On our way home P.B. Bear gave us a party bag each, which was very kind of him.







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